The content in the pages below are for information only and are not to be relied upon as your sole source of planning advice. If you have further detailed questions we recommend you seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional.


What is a planning application?

A Planning Application is a request put to the local planning authority for permission to alter, amend, enlarge or decrease the size of a property.

What is the planning application process?

This is the process by which you request permission and the council or other local body considers this request.

What is pre planning application discussion?

Normally this is a discussion between the property owner and the local council to discuss the development prior to the application made. In many cases there is a fee for this meeting.

This can help minimise delays in the planning process and it's a great oportunity to seek the advice and guidance of the planning authority.

It also gives the Planning  Authority the oportunity to outline to you areas that may cause concern when they come to consider the final application. You can then use this information to your advantage and adjust your plans to increase your likelihood of success at the planning application stage.

It is helpful to take the following items to a Pre-planning meeting 

  • Sketches or initial designs of the proposed development
  • Site Location Plan of the proposed development
  • Any questions you may have regarding the development

After you have had a pre-planning meeting, you can add this to your planning application form.

What is outline planning application?

An application for permission to see of the council will broadly support the application. Usually this must be followed by a full planning application if the development is to go ahead.

What is retrospective planning application?

This is an application for permission for a development that has already been carried out. An example of this is where windows have been changed and the homeowner did not realise that planning permission was needed prior to the work taking place. 

What is householder planning application?

This is an application for permission to alter, extend or change a single house or relating to works within the boundary of the ground surrounding the house. An example of what this might include is adding a loft conversion to a single dwelling.

Other reasons you would need a householder application are:

  • Extension to existing dwelling (within certain limits)
  • Adding a Conservatory
  • Adding Dormer windows to a dwelling
  • Adding or altering the fencing around the property
  • Changing vehicle access to the property
  • Adding a porch
  • Adding or altering outbuildings such as a garage
  • Adding a Satelite Dish

What is a section 73 planning application?

This relates to Section 73 of the Town and and Country Planning Act 1990

Applications can be made under Section 73 to vary or remove conditions that have been attached to planning permission which has already been granted. 

An example of an application under Section 73 would be to extend the time limit for the comencement of works for a development that has been granted planning permission.

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