The content in the pages below are for information only and are not to be relied upon as your sole source of planning advice. If you have further detailed questions we recommend you seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional.

How much does a planning application cost?

A householder application is £206 and a full planning application for a new dwelling house is £462. For a list of other common applications please see below.

You also need to consider the cost of your architect's fees which can vary due to your location and the size of the architect firm. For a standard extension or loft conversion you can expect to pay around £1500 - £2000 for the design and preparing the planning application.

You will also need to budget for a block plan and a location for your planning application. If you hire an architect to create these for you expect to add significantly to the cost. It's important to get these plans right to avoid uneccessary expense and delay, if you make your own plans online, this might seem cheap however you may make an expensive mistake.

Our team can make plans that are guaranteed for your planning application, block plans are £24.50 and location plans are £27.50. If you order an email copy you need to pay VAT, but a print only copy of your map is VAT free.

How much is the planning application fee?

A few of the most commonly used planning application fees are listed below.

Householder Application

for more information see here


New Dwelling house

upto 50 dwelling houses in application

£462 per dwelling house

New Dwelling houses

More than 50 dwelling houses in application

£22,859 for first 50 dwelling houses

£138 per dwelling house over 50

Alterations to 2 or more Dwelling houses or Flats

Including works within boundaries


Planning in Principle


£402 for every 0.1 hectare or part thereof

Prior Approval

Agricultural and Forestry


Prior Approval 



Prior Approval 

Change of use from Agricultural building to dwelling - no associated building operations


Prior Approval

Change of use from Agricultural building to dwelling  - with associated building operations



Relating to the business on the premises


These fees are set nationally by the government, however some planning authorities may charge a credit card processing fee.

Are planning application fees VAT exempt?

Yes, planning application fees are VAT exempt. However VAT is payable on Building Regulations Approval.

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