Ordnance Survey Block Plan for your Planning Application

Our Block Plans are:

Based on the most comprehensive and up to date mapping available

Made by our mapping team - not a computer

Checked against Councils' acceptance criteria

Ready in an Hour

VAT Free (printed maps only)

Guaranteed for Planning

Block Plan from Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data
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Block Plans

When submitting your planning application you will normally have to include a block plan showing the proposed development.

Here are some common mistakes found in block plans submitted with planning applications:

  • wrong scale used
  • scale not shown clearly
  • block plan printed at slightly the wrong size
  • map out of date
  • copyrighted map used fraudulently
  • boundary of development area marked out incorrectly


When creating your own block plan here are some important points to follow:

  • always use the best quality and most up to date map available – we use Ordnance Survey Mastermap
  • ensure the licensing information is included
  • use a standard metric scale that meets the council’s requirements
  • print to exactly the right scale
  • show the development boundary in red
  • use a blue outline as well, if necessary
  • include sufficient detail of the proposal
  • show the direction north

Block Plan Scales

We normally produce Block Plans in the following scales:

1:200 - See a Sample

1:500 - See a Sample

Block Plan formats

Our block plans are provided as electronic PDFs or as printed maps.

Review of Our Block Plans

"Thank you for my Block Plan, it arrived quickly and looks great"

Mr Peters

Example of Block Plan showing required items

Example of a Block Plan suitable for planning application showing required items

Sample Block Plan

Block Plan based on Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data


Commonly Asked Questions about Block Plans

How can you order a Block Plan online?

You can enter your address in our form and we will create your Block Plan for you.

If you prefer to order by phone please call us on 01856 252 049

How long does it take to get a Block Plan made?

We can make your block plan and email it to you within an hour.

How good is the Ordnance Survey Maps used?

We use Ordnance Survey Mastermap, it is updated every 6 weeks, and provides a complete and comprehensive map of the entire country. It is Ordnance Survey's best map which prefered by councils.

Can I make my own Block Plan?

Yes, however it is an arduous process if you try to create your own map rather than purchasing an Ordnance Survey Map.

Should My Architect Provide the Block Plan?

Some do, however the cost is almost certainly higher as you will need to pay the mapping costs and the Architect's fees.



Further information

For further guidance on other plans please see the following pages:

Information on Site Plans

Information on Location Plans

Information on Site Location Plans


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